Locality 38 (Arendal) Ascent at Paradise Bay

Using our expedition boat, a GH 14 with a Yamaha 9,9 HP outboard motor, we are now able to navigate into unexplored bays and islets in the archipelago outside the South Coast of Norway. At Paradise Bay on the small island Havsøy outside of Arendal, a large Ash invited itself to be explored. Somebody had mounted a small swing from one of the branches. At the top of the tree we thought we could discern a small tree hut, but could not be sure from our position on the ground.
Choosing a moment when no-one seemed near, we leapt sinuous and catlike, into the lower branches of the forest giant. Silently we climbed to a great height until we found a point where we could look through a leafy opening upon the scene beneath us.

We had now ascended to the structure we could discern from the ground, and from this angle we realized that it was more of a look-out tower at the top of the forest canopy than a proper hut. A floor, but no walls or roof, the structure was nevertheless sturdily built, and the bent spikes told the tale about the young builders. How on earth they had managed to get up there remained a mystery until we found remains of past ropes that in the past must have made the ascent at Paradise Bay a breeze.

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