Locality 37 (Northwest Pennsylvania, US) Anaglyph

Ah, the wonders of MODERN SCIENCE! Thanks to the TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS of the 19th century, explorer Ian5281 has provided us with an anaglyph of a snow fort discovered in northwest Pennsylvania, US. This AMAZING STEREOSCOPIC IMAGE may be FULLY appreciated by explorers equipped with a standard set of 3d glasses, such as the one depicted below. NO EXPLORER WOULD DARE LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

Ah, how fitting that this EXOTIC PHOTOGRAPH of a snow fort should be featured on this summer edition of our INQUISITIVE AND INFORMATIVE BLOG, looking into the MYSTERIES OF CHILDHOOD. We wish our fellow explorers a HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAY! And do beware of those ULTRAVIOLET RAYS. Tans may come and go, but MEMORIES LAST FOREVER!

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