Locality 45 (Fevik) We need shelter

"You wouldn't care to help with the shelters I suppose?"
"We need meat"
"We need shelters"
"Are you accusing-"
"All I'm saying is we've worked dashed hard. That's all... Do you want to be rescued? All you talk about is 'pig pig pig'"
"We want meat"
"And I work all day with nothing but Simon and you come back and don't even notice the shelters"
"I work too"
"But you like your work. You enjoy yourself hunting. While I-"
"Do a bit for you before I have a bathe"
"Don't bother"

Peter Brook, screenplay adaptation of William Golding's Lord of the Flies, 1963, deleted scene.

Søm-Ruagerkilen Nature Reserve at Fevik, 2009.

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