Locality 10 (Arendal). Tree hut and ski jump

During a quick survey in the Stinta/Strømsbu area located very close to the commercial centre of Arendal, we came across a remarkable site in Centralgaten. In the middle of a densely populated housing area consisting primarily of white wooden houses from the 19th century, a ski jump was crammed between the houses.

While we at first mistook the construction to be a kid hut, we discovered the presence of a kid tree hut on the other side of the road, located close enough to function as a referee tower for the ski jump.
Originating in Norway, the first proper ski jump competition was held in 1862, and local ski jumps were built all around the country during the next century, only to cease emerging in the late 1980's and 90's when the climate gradually changed towards less predictable winters. However, according to local sources, the ski jump at Centralgaten is still used during the winter, not least by enthusiastic and nostalgic parents.

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