Locality 02 (Bergen)

The locality 02 (Bergen) was found in the vicinities of locality 01, but departing from Fjellveien further south. Half way up a steep foot path we came across a passage in which there was a need to make use of a long rope attached to an overlying tree limb to continue. This area featured far more trees and vegetative growth than at the previous location. There is reason to believe these trees also originate in the large scale municipal planting project some two hundred years ago, although of a different species and family.

On a small slope we encountered a somewhat concealed structure resting between several trees and elevated above the ground. Accessibility into the structure was by aid of small tree planks inserted into the sides of the trees to function as a provisory and most fragile ladder. The nature of this difficult access may support our suspicion that the site had been constructed by relatively young, but both clever and daring local children.

The hut consisted of at least three spacious levels, hanging from five pine trees and attached by relatively small nails and occasionally rope. What remained of walls and floors was mainly constructed by fine-cut tree plates, interspersed with heavy plates in corrugated iron, painted in checkered green. Sadly, we were unable to retrieve any artefacts from the site, leaving us with little knowledge about the function of the site, nor about the builders. However, a relatively small area seems rather densely dispersed with kid huts, suggesting that the various localities may be connected.

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