Locality 05 (Arendal)

Some local inhabitants at Hisøya in Arendal had revealed the whereabouts of a pristine beach, marking the location on a map and reminding us not to get too close to the swans that often lurked in the native waters. The name of the area, Stølsvika, may translate as the bay of summer pastures, alternatively bay of dairy farm. However, at the time of the expedition there were not signs of domesticated animals of any species, nor any visible remains of the suggested farm. What we did discover, was the remains of a tree hut located very close to a beach front wooden house, and partly painted in the same colours; a rather intense shade of red. It should be noted that some planks were either unpainted or in a different more yellowish color, suggesting that the wooden planks had come from distinct sources.

The access to the tree hut proved somewhat of a mystery, and we did not feel confident to venture too close to the house proper to investigate further. This also implied that we were unable to make any excact measures of the location. From what we could discern of the structure, it seemed to consist of two adjoining parts supported on a rudimentary wooden platform resting on the branches of a single weather-worn pine tree. We noticed the presence of at least two glass-less windows which may have served as look-out points. The rather precise adjoining of the wooden planks in the walls suggested that an adult had supervised or even taken part in the construction. There were no signs of the builders although it was difficult to ascertain whether the site was abandoned or not.

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